Business House

Havelock North Squash Club


$125 per team

Payment by internet only to keep our treasurer sane.

HNSC account 01-0646-0045777-00 (use team name as reference)

Late Fee after week 2 of $140.00


Wednesdays: 1 x player B – C grade, 1 x D grade, 1x E grade and 1 x F grade


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Hawke’s Bay Squash Racket Club

This event is run twice a year, in October and February, for around 11 weeks on a Wednesday night, starting at 6.15pm.  This is an opportunity for non-members to get involved in squash in a very social environment.

We cater for up to 10 teams on any one night, each consisting of 4 people.  Players can be graded or ungraded, male or female, and play in order of their playing ability.  Each team may name one ringer – i.e. one player who is not a member of the business concerned.

The event is played on a round robin basis which each team playing every other team once.  If the entry number are even, the event culminates in a crazy squash night.

Each match lasts 20 minutes with normal PAR (point per rally whether serving or receiving) scoring.  At crazy squash every team plays all the other teams with each match lasting 5 minutes, all rotating at the bell.

Cost:  $200 per team payable in advance please.

The cost includes

a light supper – sausages, bread and fries

a weekly draw for a bucket of beer – at least one member of the team must be there to wine

end of event prizes


Hawke’s Bay Lawn Tennis & Squash Club

We like to start and finish each year off with a fun event.

Grab a couple of friends or work colleagues who would like to give squash a go and enter.

Normally scheduled Feb/Mar and then again Oct/Nov


Hastings Tennis & Squash Club