Junior Academy

Due to the amazing funding support of Pub Charity we were able to set up a Junior Academy in the Eastern Region in 2014.

This is a vital step in the organisation’s quest to become more competitive on a National basis and has definitely reaped benefits, with Winona-Jo Joyce taking out the Under 17 Girls singles National title this year.

As a part of the funding process, parents of those juniors chosen to be a part of the academy are required to pay a 50% share of the coaching costs.

Each player must make a commitment to their respective coaches as per their agreement and are monitored on a regular basis.  Coaches have the right to cut a player from their squad if they feel that they are not meeting the standards required.

Apart from the individual coaching, holiday and weekend clinics are being held throughout the year and juniors are expected to enter regular tournament during both locally and outside the District.

The Juniors’ results will be updated as received and can be found on this link:
Academy Junior Tournament ResAcademy Junior Tournament Results 2018

Find out who our most improved Juniors are since the new year kicked-in.  Congratulations to Kahn Grayson who has taken over the top of the ladder
Most improved 1 Jan – 24 July 2018

Check out their points progress since Feb 2018
Juniors Progress


2018 Elite Squad


Willz Donnelly, Blake Knox, Kahn Grayson


Rhiarne Taiapa, Winona-Jo Joyce, Jena Gregory,  Sam Harding, Ally Harding, Rakairoa Joyce


2018 Senior Squad


Yon van Raders, Jakeb Simmons, Ryan Miller, Isaac Pilcher, Mikarore Joyce, Quade Hyde, Sam Fletcher


Amy Miller, Danielle Pilcher, Jasmine Roydhouse-Ross, Paige Bentley, Sara Dooney, Zara Evans


2018 Intermediate Squad


Toby Evans, Guy van Raders, Jayden Grant


Amber Roydhouse-Ross, Danika Brown, Kiera Thompson, Ruby Hinton


2018 Future Stars Squad


Jake Hinton, Jonty Unwin, Geordie Calder, Alex Elliott, Harry Unwin


Francesca Pilcher, Lucy Kinnear, Belle Kinnear, Tayla-Louise Lys, Sammy Mattsen


2018 Little Stars Squad


Harry Reed


Katy Anderson, Summer Reed, Sophia Unwin, Violet Unwin, Tayla Hook