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Squash New Zealand is our governing body.  You can click on the following link to find out more about their people:


Changed to iSquash Grading List:


Useful information on how to save and make money, click on the following link:


Amongst other things, they are there to give you advice about where and how to play and administer the iSquash grading and tournament system.  The Grading List can be found by clicking on the following link:


They provide players with the opportunity to better themselves and become a part of one of the various training squads each year.


These are taken from the ranking lists, based on criteria which can be found at the following link:




Junior Scoring

At the 2016 Squash New Zealand forum, it was agreed by all regions that ALL Junior events will use point a rally scoring (PAR) to eleven (11) for the 2017 season with a review to take place at the end of the year. This includes all club sanctioned tournaments and interclub events.

Please note that scoring for all Senior and Masters events is PAR eleven (11) for the higher graded players (roughly B1 and above) and to fifteen (15) for players roughly graded B2 and below.

The scoring system used should be the same for every player in a tournament grade/division.


Deleted and Suspended Players and Inactivity Points

Inactivity points loss is an Automatic points loss for inactivity which is aimed at incentivising match-play and activity for all players, and ensuring that the grading list is current and accurate.

Under the scheme, after the first 12 months of player inactivity (where no results are sent to the grading list), 50 grading points will be automatically deducted from the player. 10 additional points are deducted for every additional month of inactivity thereafter.

Players can avoid automatic points deductions by coming off
the grading list.  It is the responsibility of players to organise their own removal from the grading list.  They can do this by asking their clubs to delete them from the clubs grading list and make them leisure players.  Automatic points losses will not be reversed. 

For a player to “come off the grading list” they must have their grading code removed. There are 2 ways for a player to have their grading code removed, this includes clubs deleting them from their membership database via member management or filling in the add/move/delete player form to delete them from the grading list and make them a leisure player with the club.

A club who suspends a player from their grading list will result
in the player still maintaining their grading code and therefore they will still be classed as being on the grading list and will begin the countdown for losing points for inactivity.

Clubs are now able to run an inactivity report to view when players have last played competitively and they can then either encourage those who are nearing 12 months of inactivity to resume competitive play or remove them from their grading list and make them leisure players.

Further instructions on how to perform these actions can be found in the Club Administrator Manual and the Useful iSquash Information for Maintaining Club Membership sheet in the help section on iSquash.


Latest News 

Drug Free Sport New Zealand

As you may or may not be aware Squash New Zealand works in partnership with the national anti-doping organisation Drug Free Sport New Zealand. SNZ are committed to the advancement of clean sport that rejects cheating through the use of performance enhancing drugs and methods.

There is a large amount of information on their website here http://www.squashnz.co.nz/high-performance/anti-doping.cfm and on the Drug Free Sport website here http://drugfreesport.org.nz/.

They are working closely with DFSNZ on education for athletes, support personnel and other various roles within our sport for the 2017 season. DFSNZ are always keen to educate and provide resources wherever necessary and should this be something your district wishes to provide (at any level) please do not hesitate to contact them to discuss the different options available or to order resources. 

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