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New Tournament Rotation Schedule

With the new Competition framework which is being rolled out across the country, all events will be tiered into International/Premier, Major and Local events.

As previously, the Major events (including Superchamps, North & South Island Juniors, NZ Masters, Cousins Shield/Mitchell Cu) will be allocated by SNZ on a rotational basis.  The Major Events tier will also include all District Opens.

It was, therefore, agreed at our Board Meeting in October that both the Eastern Open and any National Events awarded to the District should be added to the District Rotation Schedule.  This is now attached for your records.
When the calendar is finalised each year – usually around the end of August/early September, please note the following:

Clubs must confirm their wish to host the event they have been allocated for the following yea

The Board will then establish whether the club has the facilities to host the even

If a club turns down a Major Event or if the Board deems that club unable to host the event, Eastern, as the organiser, will decide on an alternative.

There will be no tender process.

Eastern Rotation 2019 onwards

A copy of the Eastern Tournaments for 2019, plus some of the other events in our neighbouring Districts and the major SNZ events can be found on this link
Eastern Calendar