Junior Teams

The 2017 Junior Nationals will be held  from 5th – 11th October at Burnside Squash Club in Canterbury.

Further details about selection process will follow early in the new year.

2017 Rules
New Zealand Junior National Inter-District Teams Event and Gifford Cup R…


Junior Nationals Teams 
Burnside Squash Club, Christchurch
5th – 11th October

Congratulations to the following who have been selected to represent the District at this year’s Junior Nationals:

Ben Remihana
Willz Donnellly
Mitch Goodchild
Robert Fridd
Marcus Moss
Manager:  Dean Remihana

Winona-Jo Joyce
Rhiarne Taiapa
Rosemary Mair
Jena Gregory
Jess Dean
Manager:  Rewi Joyce

We know you will make us proud.

Thank you, also, to Youthtown ($5,000) and First Light Foundation ($1,500) who have helped fund this initiative.