2017 Superchamps – District Eliminations and Nationals Finals

2017 Entries
2017 Draw – HBSRC
2017 Draw – HBLT

Please ensure you meet all the criteria required and ensure you read the rules carefully to avoid any team selection issues.

Please note also that the bulk of the Elimination matches will be held at HBSRC, not HBLTS as publicised on the calendar.

HBLTS will host the F/J Grade only.  They are also the hosts for the F/J Grade Nationals in September.

New for 2017:
All entries please to me.  Wayne Kempton is kindly facilitating the draw again, but it is easier for me to collate entries and follow up with anyone who appears to be running late and then send them on to Wayne.  To this end, I require entries by 4pm on Friday 21st July 2017 so I can get these to Wayne by 5pm at the latest.

All fees must be paid by internet banking prior to your entry being valid.  Account details are on the form:
01-0646 0131229-00

Also a reminder that all players in teams qualifying for the Superchamps finals must have sat and passed their Club Referee exams.  Why not get all players involved in Eliminations to take this test just in case to avoid the rush to get these done afterwards.

I know a number of players will have sat this last year and passed so they are ok for 2017 as this lasts for two years.  It must be taken on line.  This is the link:

Finally, clubs.  There is a short turn around this year between Eliminations and Nationals.  Eliminations are over the weekend of 11th August and Nationals over the weekend of 27th September.  This leaves little time to approach funders.  Once I have all the team entries, I will forward each club a letter confirming your entries so you can start the ball rolling.  It is, therefore, within your own interest to get your entries in promptly to give you as much time as possible to get funding application submitted.

Look forward to making this a great Superchamps year again for Eastern.

SuperChamps National Graded Club Championships 2017 Rules
2017 Superchamps District Poster
2017 Squash New Zealand Court Attire Standards
2017 Super Champs Regional Team Entry Form